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The “Brangayne” and “Ynys Witrin” vineyards lie on the north eastern slopes of the extinct volcano Mount Canobolas, near Orange in New South Wales, one of the highest and coldest grape districts in Australia.

Often under snow in winter and mild in summer, the cold climate offers ideal conditions for the production of premium grapes, combining generous fruit flavour, acid and length in wines of intensity and elegance. The long ripening period and the deep, rich volcanic soil, position Brangayne among the few vineyards in Australia capable of producing distinctive cold climate wines of high calibre.



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Brangayne Sauvignon Blanc
Brangayne Riesling
Brangayne Pinot Grigio
Brangayne Chardonnay
Brangayne Isolde Chardonnay
Brangayne Pinot Noir
Brangayne Tristan
Brangayne Cabernet Sauvignon
Brangayne Shiraz
Brangayne Late Harvest Riesling

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